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Antica Pesa Celebrity Restaurant in Rome

You cannot visit Rome without visiting Trastevere. And you definitely cannot visit Trastevere without eating a true Roman meal at Antica Pesa. Hidden on a quiet street and away from a majority of tourists, is a delightful culinary experience with a rich history.

Everyone from Hollywood stars to high government officials has dined here, including many Trastevere-inspired artists from the mid-twentieth century, whose paintings and sculpture are on display. The menu is a combination of regional traditional and innovative Italian under the direction of Simon Panella and his brother Francesco.




“You won’t go wrong” at this “charming” Trastevere “favorite” (reportedly “appreciated by internationsl stars”), especially if you want “high-quality” “traditional Roman dishes” delivered by “polite, helpful” servers; its “lovely” setting includes a “cozy” main area, “fabulous” garden and private room “perfect for a romantic dinner”, plus a wine cellar.

Michelin Guide

"Typical Roman dishes made from carefully selected ingredients grace the menu of this restaurant, which is housed in a grain storehouse that once belonged to the neighbouring Papal State. Large paintings by contemporary artists hang on the walls and there is a small lounge with a fireplace near the entrance."


The restaurant name Antica Pesa was chosen as a tribute to the ancient origin of this place which in the XVII century was a weigh-house where taxes on wheat were collected. Later on, in the first half of the XIX century, it became a lodging house where, according to the local folktale, Garibaldi and his heroic combatants were hosted during the Porta San Pancrazio and the Gianicolo battles in 1849. The lodging house was finally converted into ‘l’Antica Pesa’ restaurant by our grandmother Anita in 1922 and we, the fourth generation of the family, are very proud of carrying on the family tradition with great passion.

The Menu

The  menu offers great classics of the Roman cuisine such as “cacio e pepe”, “amatriciana” and “carbonara”,  combining them with typical regional recipes for local produce, like the Roman Giudea artichokes with Caciofiore fondue or the Monte San Biagio sausage meat burger, or  Bassiano ham with crispy Bufala mozzarella.

Restaurant  offers a modern slant on some traditional recipes such the Tortino di coda alla Vaccinara (oxtail stew pie), the Trippa alla Romana  (Roman tripe), with mint-like herb sauce and grated roman pecorino, or Lamb shank cooked at low temperature, or the “millefoglie di porchetta e mozzarella” (roast pork and mozzarella millefeuille) with Bartlett pear sauce.

A different chapter is reserved for fish: depending on availability they offer new recipes, from the Burrata with red prawns to a variation of the “alici and puntarelle” (anchovy and wild chicory), the “ajo and ojo” linguini with bottarga, or the anglerfish “saltimbocca” (literally: jump in the mouth).  Desserts, as all our other dishes, follow the rhythm of the seasons. The delicious and original summer sorbets alternate with a revised Tiramis├╣ or a goat milk and gentle hazelnuts cheese cake  with Gaeta olives caramel sauce, which , in winter, makes way for other desserts like the Chestnut millefeuille, candied kumquat and nuts

Antica Pesa Roma
address: Via Garibaldi, 18, 00153 Rome Location
phone:+39 06 580 9236

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